AlloyMetal is a company with many years of experience in the production and distribution of non-ferrous metallurgical products such as: aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, copper and brass. The company’s offer includes bushings and bearings for use in various types of machines.

From the available assortment on the store’s website We can distinguish high-class mechanical elements, namely:

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  • Self-lubricating bearing, containing solid lubricants, which are equipped with a uniform material through fine particles. During operation, solid lubricants reduce the coefficient of friction without being able to be washed away, as is the case with oil and grease.
  • Self-lubricating bushings, which are metallic porous components, usually made of bronze or iron, which are impregnated with lubricating oil. The oil in the pores guarantees constant lubrication between the bearing and the shaft, so that the entire system does not require additional external lubrication.
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  • dry liners, which are pressed into the cylinder and have no direct contact with the engine cooling liquid. This is ensured by the body, which is cast from a different material.
  • oil bushings (hydrostatic and hydrodynamic) in which a part of the bearing housing is filled with oil. During the movement of the shaft, a thin layer of oil is formed between its surface and the bearing shell, sufficient to support the shaft. In the case of hydrodynamic bushings, the oil film is created automatically as a result of hydrodynamic phenomena occurring in the gap.
tuleje samosmarne
tuleje olejowe
  • bronze sliding bushings, in which the oil placed in the pores ensures continuous lubrication between the bearing and the shaft, so that the mechanism does not require additional external lubrication of the bronze bushings
  • In addition, AlloyMetal’s offer includes such elements as: starter sleeve as the dominant element in engines, as well as sliding bearings on individual customer orders.
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tuleje na zamówienie

In addition, Alloy Metal also offers air bushings and custom-made sliding bushings made of self-lubricating material according to strict customer requirements.

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