Brass bushings are products made of non-ferrous metals, which are manufactured in the technology of centrifugal casting from copper and zinc alloys (two-component brass) and with the addition of tin, aluminum, iron, silicon, lead, nickel and manganese (multi-component).

The sleeve, as an element of a machine or mechanism, helps to extend the life of the entire assembly and significantly reduces the possibility of its failure.

The sleeve made of brass is less durable than the main parts of the mechanism. Subjected to friction, it wears out faster, thus preserving the integrity of the remaining structural elements.

Brass bushings are:

  • high mechanical, deformation and anti-friction strength as well as wear resistance;
  • thermal stability (up to +450С) and inertness to corrosion;
  • optimal plasticity;
  • the ability to absorb dirt particles;
  • wide range of diameters;
  • low price.

The bushings are produced in standard dimensions (diameter up to 700 mm) or non-standard dimensions on request and are widely used in industrial technology, automotive industry (dump trucks, tractors, excavators), mining, pumps and compressors.

This makes brass cheaper and more durable than copper and bronze. These features make it desirable.

Brass bushings are often used as universal plain bearings, providing the best balance between affordability, quality and functionality. The bearings can be subjected to sufficient loads without breaking, and if they break, they will not damage other parts of the mechanism. They have high anti-friction parameters and work in a wide range of temperatures. Suitable for modes: heavy load – low speed, light load – high speed.

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