Copper-based alloys with various components are widely used in our life.

Depending on the alloying element, such alloys acquire one of the main characteristics: electrical and thermal conductivity, ductility, strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, elasticity.

The most commonly used metal combination in industry was the compound of copper and tin, previously simply called bronze. However, today bronze alloys, due to their chemical composition, are divided into two large groups: tin and tin-free. Other alloying metals can be: aluminum, beryllium, phosphorus, silicon and others, except zinc.

Wrought alloys are of particular industrial importance due to their high viscosity index. Bronze casting favorably differs in high density, machinability, wear and corrosion resistance, significant hardening of the material by heat treatment. Therefore, the scope of application of rolled bronze is quite wide. Contact plates, bushings, springs, bearings, gears are made of such alloys.

The assortment includes:

– bronze shafts,
– bronze bushings,
– bronze rods,
– bronze rings,
– bronze discs,
– bronze cubes,
– bronze flat bars

Bronze bars

We make castings from the following types of bronze:

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