The helical gear is an improved version of the conventional spur gear that provides more reliable meshing of the gear components. This increases the smoothness of the mechanism, which guarantees the extension of the life of the parts.

The helical gear differs in the shape of the tooth cut. They are not parallel, but at an angle to the axis of rotation of the part. The surface of the gear resembles part of a spiral. It is used in mechanisms that are subject to stricter requirements regarding smooth operation and the level of noise generated during operation.

Helical gears have the following advantages:
– Capable of transmitting higher torque due to the larger meshing area.
– No jerks when starting the mechanism. Can be used in drives and mechanisms operating with variable loads.
-Less noise level even when operating in modes with maximum permissible load.

However, it should be noted the disadvantages that are characteristic of helical gears:
-Increased meshing surface increases the value of the friction force. On this basis, more stringent requirements are imposed on the quality and frequency of replacement of lubricants.
-Increased warmth and slightly reduced efficiency.
-The helical gear shaft is subjected to greater forces, therefore mounting on a thrust bearing is required.

In addition, the production of a spur gear is technically more complex, so the part costs a little more.

Alloy Metal manufactures helical tooth spur gears:

  • with a metric module from m = 0.1 to m = 8, or with an inch module “dp” diametral pitch;
  • tooth inclination angle: from 1º to 60º;
  • outer diameter of the gear wheel: from 15mm to 500mm (the maximum outer diameter depends on the angle of inclination of the teeth);
  • the wheel hole can be: smooth, with a slot for a groove or with a spline;
  • steel wheels can be in the following condition: raw, induction hardened or through hardened, as well as carburized or nitrided;
  • wheels can also be made of: stainless steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastic, etc. depending on the requirements and needs.

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