What should you know about the properties of bronze?

Bronz is one of the oldest materials used by mankind to create various items. This material is very strong and durable, which makes it ideal for creating items that have to withstand harsh conditions of use. However, special mechanical crafting is required to craft bronze items.

The mechanical processing of bronze items can involve several different processes, depending on the type of item you want to produce and your precision and smoothness requirements. Let’s consider some of these processes in more detail.

1. Machining. Machining is the process of mechanically removing material from the surface of bronze products using cutting tools. This process can be used to create various shapes and dimensions of bronze parts such as shafts, screws, gears, and more.

2. Milling. Milling is the process of mechanically treating the surface of bronze parts using cutting tools, called milling cutters. This process can be used to create a variety of shapes such as grooves, channels, and rounded shapes.

3. Laser cutting. Laser cutting is a process that uses a high-powered light beam to cut through the bronze part in selected locations. This process is especially useful for creating very precise shapes, such as logos and inscriptions on bronze plaques.

4. Turning. Turning is the process of mechanically working bronze products by removing external material using a cutting tool, especially a lathe. This process can be used to create various shapes and dimensions such as cylinders and cones.

5. Drilling. Drilling is the process of mechanically removing material from the inside of an article, creating the appropriate form of hole or cavity. This process can be used for various types of bronze products such as pipes, flanges and other parts that require precision machining of internal surfaces.

6. Dragging. Broaching is a process used to change the structure of bronze by heating it to a certain temperature and then cooling it. This process can be useful to improve the strength and other mechanical properties of bronze wares.

All of these processes can be used in various combinations to create brown articles of various shapes, dimensions and properties. There are also other mechanical machining processes that can be applied to bronze, such as drilling, turning, engraving, and many others.

When machining bronze, it is very important to maintain the precision and quality of each step of the process to obtain optimal results. For example, if the turning process is not carried out with high precision, it can lead to the need for remachining or replacement of material, which increases costs and production time. Therefore, it is important to hire specialists with experience in the mechanical processing of bronze products, who have the appropriate tools and machines.

In addition, when mechanically processing bronze, it is necessary to maintain appropriate safety norms and standards to avoid the risk of injury or damage to machinery. Workers should be equipped with appropriate protective clothing, such as helmets, safety glasses and gloves, and trained in the safe operation of machinery.

In summary, mechanical machining of bronze fabrications is an important process for the manufacture of bronze parts and tools. Processes such as machining, milling, laser cutting, turning, drilling and broaching are used to create various shapes, dimensions and properties of bronze products. For the best results, it is important to maintain the precision and quality of the process, as well as adherence to safety norms and standards.


What parts are most often made of bronze by casting?

The most popular are bronze bushings, half bushings, gears, valves and niche parts used in complex mechanisms. In mechanical engineering, bronze bushings are used in the construction of excavators, bulldozers and other heavy equipment.
Here are some basic advantages of bronze bushing and flanged bushing:

  • they work well with large and medium loads;
  • they do not interact with other substances, so there are no odors or harmful emissions during operation;
  • they are characterized by a long period of operation, without the formation of cracks and failures;
  • they are completely safe for people and the environment.

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