The trapezoidal screw nut is made of bronze, which ensures smooth movement and increases the life of the screw-nut pair. This system can work even in the case of significant contamination.

Round trapezoidal nuts are designed to create linear guides. They give the opportunity to build equipment for various purposes, guarantee its durability, reliability and accuracy. For the production of materials such as steel, bronze, stainless steel. We offer a large number of products in standard sizes and are able to adapt them to your needs. Build linear guides with strong, durable nuts that will last a long time.


We offer:

  • Suitable nuts with a round or hexagonal outer contour made of steel, bronze or stainless steel and bronze flange nut
  • Trapezoidal screws are sold to length, standard dimensions, steel, delivered from stock;
  • Other sizes, high shear screws and drawing ends available on request;
  • For frequent movements and/or heavy loads, we recommend the use of bronze nuts
  • Due to the friction in the trapezoidal thread, trapezoidal screws with a small pitch (angle of inclination less than 3°) are self-locking. Thus, when the screw is installed vertically, the upward moving load stays in place and is unaffected by gravity. Large angles of inclination, shocks or vibrations reduce the effectiveness of this self-braking function;

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