The structure of the worm wheel is made of bronze

According to its properties and design, this product resembles a gear in a bevel gear. However, there are some peculiarities. The worm is at an angle to this element and the contact is perpendicular. Accordingly, there are also shafts of these two elements. Thanks to this design, minimal noise during operation, no vibrations and reduced impact loads are achieved. The worm gear can be used at low to medium speeds. In this case, it is allowed to manufacture parts by combining two metals.

Production of worm wheels

The bimetallic method is expedient from an economic point of view. Bronze is a fairly expensive non-ferrous metal due to its performance properties, high hardness and good ductility during processing. However, in this area in its pure form it is used quite rarely. If the wheel will be used in low-speed, low-performance units, it is quite possible to create parts by centrifugal casting using a cast iron core. There are also cases. When such an element is entirely made of gray cast iron. But it is the bronze worm wheels that are considered the most efficient and reliable.

The bronze worm gear is able to transmit torque as accurately as possible, which also indicates improved technical characteristics. Its production is preceded by a tedious calculation process at the design stage, which additionally increases the cost of worm gears made of this metal.

We make worm wheels (worm wheels):

  • with a metric module from m=0.3 to m=8,
  • outer diameter of the worm wheel (worm wheel): from 15mm to 520mm,
  • the hole of the worm wheel can be: smooth, with a slot for a groove or with a hole for a spline,
  • the worm wheel is made of bronze, brass or plastic, depending on the needs.

The worm wheel, depending on the needs, works with a single or multiple worm (single, multi-entry).

We also offer worm gears for geared motors and other mechanical worm gears.

Screws are made of steel intended for appropriate thermo-chemical treatment, depending on the requirements and needs.


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