Trapezoidal screws are screws with a trapezoidal thread. A trapezoidal thread is a type of thread with a trapezoidal profile with an angle of inclination of 30 degrees. This thread is used in helical gears as a rotary thread because the thread profile allows it to withstand high shear and deformation loads, as well as providing long-term service against wear.

Trapezoidal screws are single-start and multi-start and are characterized by such sizes as thread pitch and thread pitch. The thread pitch is the distance between the two nearest threads, and the thread pitch is the distance the nut moves in one revolution of the screw. In the case of a single-turn thread, the pitch is equal to the pitch, and in the case of a multi-turn thread, it is the product of the pitch and the number of turns. Single-start thread is self-locking – a load applied to the nut will not cause the screw to rotate, multi-start thread usually does not have self-locking properties.

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