Brass hexagon

Brass hexagon

Brass hexagon

The brass hexagon is a product made of an alloy of copper and zinc with a predominance of copper (63% on average). The cross-section of the product is a 6-sided figure with equal sides. It is made by hot or cold rolling, then the product is kneaded to obtain the desired shape. Then the rod can be calibrated – then its parameters will become as accurate as possible.

Brass hexagon is used as a semi-finished product for the production of small parts and elements: fasteners, small tools, fittings, parts of devices, in electrical engineering. This metal is resistant to wear and various types of damage, and withstands medium loads.

Advantages of brass hexagons

  • Don’t rust;
  • They have quite good levels of thermal and energy conductivity;
  • Safe for the environment and human health;
  • Biologically inert;
  • They have a low coefficient of friction;
  • More durable than pure copper hexagon. Withstands medium load;
  • Resistant to working with chemicals;
  • Hard and tough;
  • Plastic;
  • Suitable for processing by any available method, including drilling, bending, milling, welding, polishing and others;
  • They look beautiful and are suitable for decorating rooms and surroundings.

How to use a brass hexagon

This type of rolled metal is widely used in almost all areas of human activity:

  • For the production of working tools: Allen keys and others;
  • For turning screws for gearboxes and pistons;
  • In construction, in complex, simple and medium-loaded structures;
  • For the production of fittings, fasteners, accessories;
  • In the production of decorative elements for the interiors of buildings, courtyards, city streets;
  • In machine construction, in particular in aviation construction and the automotive industry, in the production of space equipment and vessels;
  • For the chemical industry;
  • In energy.

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