Bronze square

Bronze square

Bronze square

A bronze square is a product in the form of a completely metal bronze rod with a square cross-section. The square is made of an alloy of bronze with other non-ferrous metals.

Products made of bronze are resistant to temperature changes and corrosion, plastic and visually attractive.

Bronze squares classification:

By production method:

  • to throw;
  • deformable.

By production accuracy:

  • normal accuracy (N);
  • increased accuracy (P);
  • high accuracy (B).

By length:

  • unmeasured length (ND);
  • measured length (MD);
  • multiple of the measured length (CD).

By chemical composition:

  • tin – strong, hard, fusible, resistant to cutting and processing.
  • tin-free – resistant to corrosion and chemicals, distinguished by mechanical properties.

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