Brass square

Brass square

Brass square

A brass square is a type of rolled metal product with a square cross-section, without recesses and holes. It is produced cold or hot, giving the desired shape using pressure on special machines. Then the surface of the square is ground and polished to improve the quality.

Advantages of brass square:

  • Can be cold or hot processed;
  • Durable, stronger than similar copper product;
  • It has excellent anti-friction properties;
  • Does not rust, can work in a moderately aggressive environment;
  • Technical;
  • It has a presentable and attractive appearance;
  • Conducts electricity and heat well;
  • Plastic;
  • It wears out slowly and is durable;
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment and people.

Brass square is used:

In the construction of machines of various directions, for spindles, shafts, bushings and other parts;
For further processing into other types of rolled metal products, in particular strips;
In construction, for welded structures and elements subject to medium loads;
For electronics and electrical engineering purposes;
In chemical engineering and instrument construction;
For interior and exterior decoration, construction of fences, grates, balustrades and other decorative elements.

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