Spur gears are the most commonly used type of gears. The teeth are located in radial planes, the contact line of the teeth of the pair of gears is parallel to the axis of rotation, and the axes of both gears (gears) are strictly parallel.

Spur gears are the most commonly used and are among the first gears invented. The prototypes of spur gears appeared thousands of years ago. Now, spur gears are made of different materials, metal, plastic, and composite parts are also made using combinations of different metals and plastics. Spur gears allow the transmission of the translational moment only to the shafts that are in the same plane (parallel).

Alloy Metal produces spur gears with straight teeth:

  • with a metric module from m = 0.1 to m = 8, or with an inch module “dp” diametral pitch,
  • outer diameter of the gear: from 10mm to 520mm,
  • the wheel hole can be: smooth, with a slot for a groove or with a spline,
  • steel wheels can be in the following condition: raw, induction hardened or through hardened, as well as carburized or nitrided,
  • wheels can also be made of: stainless steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastic, etc. depending on the requirements and needs.
  • we make spare parts for planetary gears: central gears and shafts, and satellite gears.

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