Bronze hexagon

Bronze hexagon

Bronze hexagon

Bronze hexagon – a bronze rod with a hexagonal cross-section. This product, classified as rolled bronze, is made of copper alloys with or without the addition of tin.

The brown hexagon represents the perfect combination of anti-friction, anti-corrosion and mechanical properties:

  • high corrosion resistance;
  • ease of processing;
  • use in modes with high temperatures and pressures

Bronze alloys are used for important structural elements of electrical mechanisms and devices due to their high electrical and thermal conductivity combined with anti-friction properties.

The advantage of bronze products is their durability and relatively low production cost.

The use of bronze hexagons

The scope of application of bronze alloys, including these types of rolled bronze products such as hexagonal bars, is quite large. This is because bronze hexagons are easy to work with.

The bronze hexagon is the basis for the production of various types of fittings. It is used to produce elements of mechanisms and devices operating in aggressive environments. Bronze bars with hexagonal cross-section are used:

  • in the aviation and space industry;
  • in mechanical and instrument engineering;
  • in the automotive industry;
  • in electrical engineering.

Bronze hexagons are used to produce low-friction parts such as valves, couplings, shafts, bushings and bearing shells.

The main area of application is the production of bronze fittings (screws, nuts). A large number of nuts can be made from one hexagon on a turret machine.

Finished bronze products will serve for a long time without the need for repair or replacement. This will extend the life of the entire mechanism as a whole. Despite the abundance of new modern materials, the use of bronze is still relevant. Sometimes there is simply no other solution than using bronze elements.

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