Our offer consists of slip rings, which we make in various dimensions and designs.

A slip ring is a moving electrical contact that allows current to flow from the stationary part to the rotating part. The advantage of the slip ring is that it is made of wear-resistant materials. It is one of the basic elements that make up the ring motor.

The slip ring differs from the commutator in that it has a uniform circumference, without gaps. An electric brush moves on it, which ensures proper electrical contact and current flow.

When it comes to the use of slip rings, they can be found, for example, in cordless kettles, irons or dryers. They are also elements of packaging machines, textile machines, robots and reloading devices. Slip rings can also be found in cranes, carousels, bottling plants or rotary tables.

If the customer orders serial production of slip rings – thanks to our modern technological facilities and a team of professionals, we will meet this challenge.

Technical informations

The slip ring can be made of the following materials:

  • bronze B101,
  • steel,
  • brass,
  • copper.

Technical parameters that slip rings can achieve:

  • number of rings: up to 40 pieces,
  • diameter range: 30 mm – 400 mm,
  • length range: 50 mm – 900 mm.

Slip ring test voltage:

  • ring-ring: 2500V,
  • ring – sleeve: 2500V,
  • insulation class – H

We offer the production of slip rings based on a previously prepared technical drawing. For this, we select the appropriate materials, according to which we make heads of various designs. Then we carry out tests confirming the efficiency and technical durability of the head.

We provide comprehensive assistance in all orders related to slip rings. We will solve any problem from the technical side. Our advantage is also the fact that we realize both standard and non-standard dimensions in a very short time.

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